Granite Man Triathlons


Swim 1.5K

The Swim & Paddle: The 1.5K (1500 m) swim or paddle segment starts standing in water start going in a counter clockwise direction around the buoys.  The course will be setup on Friday evening so you will be able to see what it looks like.  There is a new log feature  that we will have to work around . There will be one swim wave and one paddler wave. This is the course we have used in the past Swim & Paddle Course Map


Mountain Bike 13 Miles

The Bike:The mountain bike portion will start on the beach and connect up with a short pavement section through Hart-Tish park before getting on to  the trail by the boat ramp. The trail starts off with a short section of larger rocks before smoothing out and then jumping onto the road.  With about half a mile of road  this is a good time to get your position before getting back onto the trail . At French Gulch Trail head is where it sneaks back onto the trail. Where it weaves its way around the lake through every nook and cranny to end up at transition 2 at Seattle Bar. Bike Course Map


Trail Run 5 Miles

The Run: The run starts from Seattle Bar with about half a mile of road section before it jumps onto the trail at Watkins campground.  Where it then weaves its way along the lake back to Hart-tish.

Start Time

Saturday at 9:00am

Course Maps