Triathlons: Off-road

Granite Man Oregon triathlon

Event Distances

Triathlon: Swim .75 Miles / Mountain Bike 13 Miles / Run 5 Miles

Duathlon: Mountain Bike 13 Miles / Run 5 Miles


 Race Starts 6/10/2017 at 9:00am


Applegate Lake, OR

Event Details
Individual Triathlon Sign-Up

Jan 02, 2017 – May 01, 2017
May 02, 2017 – Jun 08, 2017
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Jan 02, 2017 – May 01, 2017
May 02, 2017 – Jun 08, 2017
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 Jan 02, 2017 – May 01, 2017
May 02, 2017 – Jun 08, 2017
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Jan 02, 2017 – May 01, 2017
May 02, 2017 – Jun 08, 2017

Relay teams: Relay teams are allowed for both the triathlon and the duathlon. Sign up with your friends! Team Categories: Team Male / Team Female / Team Coed. Be sure to include your team name when you register. (Note: If there are less then 20 teams we will just do over all award for the top 3 team and if under 10 teams we will just do overall top team.)

Team Fitness Competition: If you’re team belongs to a gym, enter your team on the registration for a chance to claim the golden kettle bell for one year of bragging rights. Which gym team will be the BOSS of the team triathlon? Be sure to include your gym’s name when you sign-up your team for the fitness competition. (Note: There must be more then 1 team for this to take place or the team will be added in with the rest of the teams)
Start Time: 9:00AM
Event Date: 6/10/2017
Start Location: Hart-Tish Park, Applegate Lake, OR
Finish Location: Hart-Tish Park, Applegate Lake, OR

Packet Pick-up: 
Race day packet pickup at Hart-Tish Park, starting at 7:00AM (Packet pick-up/Registration closes at 8:30AM)

Race Day Information: Transition areas open at 6:45AM
Triathlon & Duathlon Rules: iPods are allowed however, please use them in one ear only or keep the volume down so you can be aware of people coming up from behind.

Mountain Bike Rules of Trail
All riders are expected to follow the industry-supported MTB code: 1. I will yield the right of way to other non-motorized recreationists. 2. I will use caution when overtaking another and will make my presence known well in advance. 3. I will maintain control of my speed at all times. 4. I will stay on designated trails. 5. I will not disturb wildlife or livestock. 6. I will not litter. 7. I will respect public and private Property. 8. I will be self-sufficient. 9. I will not travel solo when bike-packing remote areas. 10. I will observe the practice of minimum impact bicycling. 11. I will always wear a helmet whenever I ride. 11. I will not wear headphones while I ride in a race.

About This Event
If you’ve had the opportunity to do other off-road triathlon courses, you’ll be pleased to find that there are none better than Granite Man. The 0.75 mile swim, 13 mile mountain bike and 5 mile run are very nice individual segments but, when put together, they add up to maximum fun! The views across the lake of the majestic peaks of the Red Butte Wilderness and surrounding Rogue River National Forest lands are spectacular. Applegate Lake is at its best this time of year, full with fresh spring run-off. You may compete as a Granite Man individual or as a three-person team with each team member doing one of the segments. The 0.75 mile swim segment is in Applegate Lake and starts and ends at the Hart-Tish park beach. Hart-Tish is one of the few Forest Service parks with several acres of beautifully groomed lawn down to the water’s edge. Swimmers will start in one or two waves depending upon the number of participants. Wetsuits are recommended as water temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60′s. The 13 mile mountain bike section starts at Hart-Tish Park and goes clockwise around the lake to Seattle Bar. At Seattle bar, participants will rack their bikes and complete the course with a 5 mile run back to Hart-Tish Park. On the bike and run, participants will utilize 12 miles of single-track, 3.5 miles of pavement and 2.5 miles of forest roads that follow the fingered shoreline. It includes many short, moderately difficult climbs and a lot of very fun undulating terrain. There are two steeper climbs encountered which are about 0.25 mile long each. The trail is never too technical but it is definitely challenging. The single-track trail surface is mainly decomposed granite and you can expect some rocks and possibly windfall. There are numerous side streams you’ll cross on wooden bridges. All course intersections will be well marked. This year’s racers will receive, Tech-T’s, goody bags, an event after party with beverages, snacks, food vendors, music and some GREAT, free raffle prizes for participants. All are welcome.